The SRS is instituting a new Rose Garden Angels program.  We have 5 gardens in total, including the main rose garden at the Rogers Memorial Library. Each of those gardens costs an average of approximately $2,500 per year to maintain.  Your name will be inscribed on a sign or plaque and placed in all 5 gardens, for the calendar year of your donation, as a Rose Garden Angel.  This would be considered a tax deductible contribution allocated toward the maintenance of our 5 gardens, with visible recognition to all those who walk by or through them.  Additionally, your name or company name will also be listed in our issues of Dune Rose under “Rose Garden Angels”, on the SRS website and in the Green Book.  Please remember that the Society pays for the upkeep of these beautiful gardens as our gift to the Village of Southampton; we receive no taxpayer dollars or other support to maintain these gardens that beautify our village.  The gardens are completely funded by the Southampton Rose Society.  We are a group of passionate individuals who appreciate and wish to maintain the beauty of our historic village.

Show your support! Become a Rose Garden Angel!

The SRS is a charitable, not-for-profit organization and we appreciate your support!