Although it is still cold in NYC and Southampton, there are some nascent signs of spring. The days are getting longer and when the sun shines, it feels warmer. Thus, it is time to turn our attention to prepping our now dormant rose bushes for the awakening of their gorgeous summer blooms, which will beautify our village. The Southampton Rose Society (SRS) is hard at work to ensure that our rose blooms are majestic and abundant. The preparation for the roses requires labor-intensive attention to detail such as fertilization, pruning, spraying to ward off diseases and insects, and the appropriate amount of water, which must be finely tuned (as my dear friend David Dawn used to say, Roses like water but not wet roots!) all of which can be quite costly. At the risk of being repetitive, the funds for the village rose care are all privately funded by the Southampton Rose Society rather than being maintained with municipal monies. As a consequence, we are dependent upon the largesse of citizens to help the SRS maintain the Village roses for all to enjoy. The Village would certainly not be as lovely if the many, extensive public rose gardens at the Rogers Memorial Library, in front of the Cultural Center, adjacent to Town and Country Real Estate, Shippy’s and Little Red did not exist. Please bear in mind each time you behold the magnificent rose bushes throughout our village, that the SRS is reliant on your financial support to keep our roses alive and well. Furthermore, it is my great hope that in addition to the maintenance of our existing rose gardens, the SRS will have the capability to fund further expansion of rose gardens in the Village. I know that this is possible with your backing. Looking toward the summer season, there are many fun and festive events that the SRS will host.
Please help the Southampton Rose Society maintain the tradition of beauty throughout our village by making a contribution today by:

Mailing a check to the Southampton Rose Society
PO Box 1022 Southampton, NY 11969
Using Credit card via Paypal through this website link

The Southampton Rose Society is an organization dedicated to beautifying the Village of Southampton by maintaining 5 public gardens including the magnificent Rose Garden at the Rogers Memorial Library. The SRS also offers numerous educational lectures by some of the world’s most famous rosarians, gardeners, photographers and perfumers.
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Updated February 12, 2019

2019 Events Calendar

Dates and times are not yet completely finalized for all 2019 events, but we are planning the following events. Please attend as many as you can!

Pruning and Planting Workshop with Peter Bertrand

Location: SRS Rose Garden at Roger’s Memorial Library

FRIDAY, MAY 10 at 4 PM
Children’s Mini Rose and Art Workshop with Peter Bertrand

Location: Roger’s Memorial Library Morris Room (lower level)

43rd Annual Rose Show

Location: Roger’s Memorial Library Morris Room (lower level)

Southampton Fourth of July Parade

Location: Southampton Village Railroad Plaza to Agawam Park

FRIDAY, JULY 12 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Rose Extravaganza Annual Cocktail Party Fundraiser

Location: Southampton’s Linden Estate

Annual Members Garden Party
Location: Home of Mary “Saki” Mitchell

Annual Members Meeting and Luncheon/Lecture

Location: The Meadow Club 555 First Neck Lane Southampton, NY 11968


The 2019 Board Of Directors
Kim White,  President
Lyn Hamer,  First Vice President
Carol Kroupa, Second Vice President
Cornelia Bostwick, Financial Vice President/Treasurer
Lynn Weiden, Membership Chair
Elisabet Lillywhite, Secretary
Diane Vahradian, Rose Show Co-Chair
Maureen O’Leary, Rose Show Co-Chair
Lulu Keszler, Publicity Chair
Greg D’Elia, Special Projects

Standing Committee
Helga R. Dawn, SRS Rose Garden Chair
Peter Bertrand, Education Chair
Harvey Feinstein, SRS Archives Chair

Advisory Board
Jim Berkrot  (Pres. Emer.2015-2018)
Perter Bertrand
Tiss Bliss
Cynthia Brodsky (Pres Emer 2000-2001)
Adeline Christie (Pres Emer 2006-2007)
Helga R Dawn
Harvey Feinstein (Pres Emer 1992-1997)
Carole Guest
Huguette Hersch
Jane Indoe (Pres Emer 2004-2005)
Maggie Kirkbride
Christl Meszkat
Dorothy Nigro (Pres Emer 1976-1978)
Nancy Rollins
Jane Rose