Support the Southampton Rose Society

It takes a village to help our new rose petals bloom during the spring and summer time
We roses must now rest our weary stems and try to emerge resplendent, when the sun again brightly shines
But the Village must care for our winter lair and make sure that we are well protected there
Fertilization, trimming and protection from the harsh cold, will help to produce blooms more vibrantly bold, for the village to behold
But to achieve our lofty pulchritudinous goals, we must appeal to the Village for finances to be generously doled
Village roses exist to charm and beautify public land, please provide a helping hand so that we can make our annual grand stand
-Kim White

Dear Southampton Rose Society Members and Village residents:

Our roses are going into their dormant phase; however, our attention must now be focused on their spring awakening. Rose care is a fine art and as such, it is expensive to promote and sustain their gorgeous blooms which exist for all of us to enjoy. Many of you might not realize that the roses in public spaces throughout the Village of Southampton, whether at the extensive rose garden at the Roger’s Memorial Library, in front of the Southampton Cultural Center, on the side of Shippy’s restaurant, by Town and Country real estate, or in front of Little Red restaurant, that they are all privately funded by the Southampton Rose Society (SRS). Even today, many are under the impression that the roses are publicly funded but this is not the case. Consequently, the SRS relies on donors like you to help us in our endeavor to beautify the Village with magnificent roses.

Please help the Southampton Rose Society maintain the tradition of beauty throughout our village by making a contribution today

The SRS is a charitable, not-for-profit organization and we appreciate your support!